Big Teak Professional (8" King Tall)

Quick Overview

Introduce to you, an exclusive design made to be affordable and practical for everyday play; the Big Professional Chess Set. Least expensive and most popular, great for everyday play. Our Big Chess is an exclusive design and  many players like this chess type because the more powerful pieces. Made of the strongest Teak wood and carved by talented craftsman, make the Big Proffesional Chess become the recommended chess product for all chess lovers in the world. 

While your friends own traditional chess sets, you will be able to make a statement all your own now. From all parts of the world come the latest and the greatest in chess pieces.

Product Dimension :
Pieces Height (mm) Diameter (mm)
King 200 80
Queen 190 80
Bishop 170 67
Knight 145 66
Rock 118 67
Pawn 94 58

Price: $399 to $299