Big Teak Chess Board

Quick Overview

A Chess board is more than something that holds your pieces. When you buy chess boards, they become the canvas for your greatest works of art and also home to greatest battles. Chess boards come in a all shapes, sizes and colors - even as a chess game table if you want to go all out. Material also plays a key factor in board selection. We have many different boards available in Knockdown Teak board, Teak Suitcase board, Big Teak Suitcase board. If you are looking to be able for your Big Chess in 8", the Big Teak Suitcase Chess board is a perfect choice.

This chess board is present in 4" x 4" squares and special present for 8" Big chess pieces set. It made from selected Teak wood and designed by professional craftsman. If you want to having journey and bring your chess set, this will help keep your pieces firmly attached to the board.

Price: $799 to $599